Friday, July 23, 2010

A Comic Rebuttal of the Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

Darryl Cunningham brings us this clever rebuttal of the Moon landing conspiracy theories, in comic form:

But as he says, and I've said before, there's really not much you can do to persuade the hardcore conspiracy theorists. And that's the most irritating part -- we feel compelled to confront them with the truth, but it's rarely worth spending the energy, and the hour. After all, what difference does it really make if some guy wants to believe we didn't land on the Moon? It's his loss for missing out on the majesty of reality.

One major exception to this, of course, is climate change. There is a difference between finding fault with scientific findings (which is called scientific debate), and getting your facts from the pundit on Fox News who questions global warming because it's cold outside today. Unlike the Moon landing conspiracies, this sort of thinking-with-your-gut is pervasive, and is a genuine threat to the planet. These views should not be suppressed, of course, but they should be emphatically debunked, because while the Moon landing conspiracy theorists make up little more than a fringe group, usually written off by most serious people, climate change skeptics can and do influence public policy, and set us back in our efforts to reverse global warming. And in the meantime, global temperatures continue to tick upwards, and in the course of a year the United States dumps another 6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


  1. Thanks for the plug. Climate change is a subject I plan to tackle in comic book form. But obviously I'll need to do a fair bit of reading before I even start that particular project.

    Darryl Cunningham

  2. Thanks for your work! Great comics, I'll look forward to reading more.